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Fee-Only Financial Planning Services

Tailored to the needs and goals of mid-career professionals & employees in the high-tech industry.

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Our founder, Don Alexander, worked in the high-tech industry for many years before realizing financial planning was his true calling. Now, he’s here to help his former co-workers maximize their future potential through fiduciary financial advice and guidance that puts your hard-earned dollars to work.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning involves:

Getting to the source of your concerns.
To identify new ways to utilize your wealth.

Understanding your background and history.
In order to handcraft every solution and step.

Forecasting potential outcomes and scenarios.
So you avoid making any costly mistakes.

What’s It Like to Work With Us?

There are no:


 AUM Fees

 Sales Tactics

Just pure, honest financial advice that benefits your best interests.

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Your Personal Financial Advocate

Here to support you as you advance in your high-tech career.

Don Alexander Photo

Don Alexander

Owner & Founder

Don is a native Oregonian who was raised in East Portland. During his first career, he served as a computer design engineer in the high-tech industry for almost four decades.  It was the type of job that suited him immensely, providing him with the financial wherewithal to retire early and spend a few years out of the working arena. He has now embarked on a new career in financial planning to help employees of the high-tech industry achieve their life goals. As a fiduciary, fee-only financial planner, Don is committed to serving his clients’ best interests. 

Don completed his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology on a part-time basis while working full time in the high-tech industry.

He played a major role in the first 386-based personal computer motherboard that he helped designed from the ground up. It was successfully used by leading personal computer makers of the time. Additionally, he was a key member of the design team that created the first supercomputer to reach one teraflop operational speeds. He also became an expert in the digital camera technology that was a key element in the design and marketing of mobile phones.

After losing money in the dot-com bubble crash of 2000 — and then again in the mortgage bubble of 2008 — Don decided to get some financial advice. This experience caused him to gain a deep interest in helping others avoid making the same mistakes. After that, he committed to the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM training track by completing the education program and passing the exam. He is now on his way to completing the process, with the remaining goal of logging enough experience to obtain the certification. Don is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and the Financial Planning Association, as well as an associate member of the CFP® Board. In his free time, he enjoys photography and listening to classic rock of the 70s.

Serving the Unique Needs and Goals

Of career professionals & people working in the high-tech industry.


As someone who has worked in the high-tech industry for many years (37 to be exact!) our owner and founder, Don Alexander, is well-versed in the decisions many high-tech professionals encounter throughout their careers. Financially, Don learned through personal experience, and he is now pairing that experience with his professional education to provide those in the high-tech industry with financial planning services tailored to their unique needs and goals.

When it comes to financial planning, you never want a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a customized strategy that takes into account your history, priorities and vision for the future. With more wealth comes more opportunity, and we’re here to help make sure you take advantage of every possibility.

Our specialty working with high-tech industry employees includes clients who:

  • Earn a high salary, but aren’t quite considered wealthy.
  • Are wealthy and approaching their retirement.
  • Have retired and accumulated great wealth.

We help you by...


Our knowledge so you avoid making the same mistakes.


You on key topics to ensure you make smart decisions.


New ways for you to save, spend and invest your money.

Are You a Young Professional Working Outside of the High-Tech Industry?

While our founder, Don, brings his professional background to the needs of those working in this industry, the truth is that everyone, at any age, can benefit from tailored financial strategies. No matter your job title - we’re here to help motivated individuals, couples or families build the foundation for a healthy financial future.

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Creating a Collaborative Space

For you to enhance your perspective on finances.

Working with us is a two-way street, and we strive to cultivate an open and honest space that fosters new ways of thinking. With this perspective, we’re able to not only deliver solutions, but also provide insight that applies to your day-to-day life. From your personal pursuits to your professional endeavors, our team is eager to bridge the gap between your goals — and your resources — so you build a strong foundation for your future.

We believe there is no such thing as a “dumb” question because every question leads to higher levels of thought. Your concerns are valid, and we work hard to make sure you sleep well at night.

Our Process

We enjoy meeting with our clients in-person because we value forming long-lasting relationships with everyone we work with.

1. Introduction

2. Data Gathering

3. Analysis

4. Presentation

5. Follow-Up

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Delivering Integrated Financial Planning Solutions

With a focus on your individual needs as a high-tech employee.

At Alexander Wealth Planning, we solely focus on financial planning (as opposed to asset management), because it allows us to ensure your finances remain organized, optimized and in line with your ideal future at all times. As a fee-only firm, we are upfront about our $200 per hour fee for our work, which is dependent on the scope and complexity of the services provided. There is no fine print when you work with us — our compensation is clear, concise and easy to understand, all for your benefit.

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck and having regrets years down the line, we can help you establish smart financial habits now so you are well-prepared for the future. Your customized financial plan will provide you with detailed insight into the steps necessary to secure your success. Above all else, we want to educate you on financial best practices so you become a smart decision-maker.

Our Financial Planning Services

Retirement planning

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Estate planning

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Tax planning

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Cash flow planning

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We also offer investment advice, including portfolio analysis and investment allocation.

Secure Your Financial Future

Financial Focus

Our view of the economy, markets and more.

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Whether you’re at the beginning, mid-point or end of your career in tech, our team can provide you with in-depth insight into the tools and tactics most suitable for you.

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